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Mymositos Bocas Restaurant and Bar

Manuel Antonio is home to many fine restaurants.  “Mymositos” at Hotel Villas Mymosa is one of those restaurants.


We offer a limited selection full course and Bocas menu however, the combination of quality, presentation and pricing are unsurpassed. 


Your day will start with your choice of one of five breakfast options to prepare you for your busy day.  Returning to the hotel around five in the afternoon gives you time for relaxing around the pool and enjoying an ice cold beer, a glass of wine, a margarita or a refreshing “naturale”.


For your dinner pleasure, we offer a variety of fresh fish, chicken or pasta options.  The “Torre Del Dia” is the house special.  There is no better way to end your meal than enjoying our unique “Choco Salami”.


Should you have any special meal or dietary requests (vegetarian, gluten free, cook your catch etc), we can do it.  Unfortunately, we are not capable of vegan cuisine.


“Mymositos” is open for breakfast seven days per week and open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday.  We are not open for lunch. 

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